Physical and Functional Integration

OSN knowledge of both platform & combat system provides their flawless integration at whole warship level, ensuring superior warship performances and reduced production lead times.


  • Operational effectiveness of the warship

  • Optimization and reduction of weight and costs

  • Superior warship performances and reduced production lead times

Training Design

OSN designs the Training Plan and develops documentation and means such as CBT, e-learning and simulators, operational training with ITN involvement production of technical manuals.


  • Training Plan & documentation

  • Computer Based Training

  • Technical Publications/Manuals

  • Operational training procedures

  • Simulators & Serious Games

Life Cycle Management

OSN calculates the Life Cycle Cost for the definition of the best service support “solution” that balances customer needs. OSN performs the Operational Availability assessment according to early developed R&M-T studies and by using its own specific SW tools.


  • R&M-T modelling and studies

  • Maintenance Plan

  • Operational Availability assessment

  • Cost Breakdown Structure

  • Analytic LCC assessment


Specific software tools, developed by OSN, support the activities of this phase. A Training Lab develops integrated training solutions.

Based on own specified algorithms for LCC assessment, it evaluates different support models, work share and service level.
Based on Monte Carlo simulation, it is the reference for the development phase. Complete data set are taken into account up to LRU for Ao computation.
Design and development of Computer Based Training (CBT), e-learning platform and simulators to provide a realistic representation of naval or maintenance operations.

Traditional approach to cable routing is based on manual processing of production drawings preventing overall optimization. OSN SW brings a fully automated approach applied from preliminary design phase up to production, allowing for unmatched routing optimization and ensuring reduced weight and costs.


ITALIAN Navy: Physical and Functional Integration of FREMM Frigates, Design for supportability of FREMM Frigates, Design & Fielding Analysis of FREMM Frigates Support System.

ALGERIAN Navy: Design & Develop of the Operative Simulator for BDSL.


Integrated Topside

OSN know-how provides advanced solutions for Integrated Topside to control interferences and maximize performance based upon an unique capability to resolve platform and combat system trade-offs.

FREMM Frigate Topside highlights:

  • > 150 topside items

  • > 50 transmitters from HF to K Band

  • > 1.500 EM Risks assessed