Genoa, February 3, 2018

The launch ceremony of the eighth FREMM Frigate “Antonio Marceglia” took place today at the Fincantieri Riva Trigoso Shipyard, near Genoa.
The Vessel was ordered by OCCAR (“Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d’ARmement”) in the frame of the Italian-French collaboration FREMM Programme, with Orizzonte Sistemi Navali – Joint Venture between Fincantieri S.p.A. (51%) and Leonardo S.p.A. (49%) – being prime contractor of the Programme.
The FREMM Programme derives from the necessity to replace the Units of the Italian Navy belonging to the Lupo Class (already dismissed) and Maestrale Class (which are reaching the end of their operational life) both of which were built by Fincantieri during the Seventies. The Vessel is the eighth out of ten Units which Orizzonte Sistemi Navali will deliver to the Italian Navy within 2020. The first FREMM, “Carlo Bergamini” was delivered in 2013, the others respectively in 2013 (“Virginio Fasan”), 2014 (“Carlo Margottini”), 2015 (“Carabiniere”), 2016 (“Alpino”), 2017 (“Luigi Rizzo”) and in the first months of 2017 also the FREMM “Federico Martinengo” was launched.
The launch ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense Sen. Roberta Pinotti, by the Chief of Stuff of the Italian Navy, Admiral Valter Girardelli and by the President of the Ligurian Region, Mr. Giovanni Toti.
Playing hostess was the President of Fincantieri, Mr. Giampiero Massolo and the CEO, Mr. Giuseppe Bono.
Among the others civil and religious authorities taking part in the ceremony were Mr. Giacomo Sardina, CEO of Orizzonte Sistemi Navali and Vice Admiral Matteo Bisceglia, Director for Naval Armaments.
Godmother of the ceremony was Mrs. Silvia Marceglia, niece of Mr. Antonio Marceglia, the Captain awarded with the Golden Medal for Military Value.
After the launch, the Vessel will be transported by sea to the shipyard of Muggiano (La Spezia), where it will be completely assembled and delivered in 2019. The FREMM “Antonio Marceglia” will be characterized, similarly to the others of the Class, by a high degree of flexibility and will be able to operate in a wide range of scenarios and tactical situations. The Unit is 144 meters long with a displacement at full load of approximately 6,700 tons, a breadth of 19,7 m and it is designed to reach a maximum speed of 27 knots and to provide accommodation up to 200 people.