Integrated Design

The knowledge of the ship’s platform and combat system guarantees a perfect integration at Whole Warship level.

Benefits & Add on

  • Operational effectiveness
  • Optimization and reduction in weight and costs
  • Higher performances and lower production times

Training Design

Preparation of the crew training plan by means of dedicated e-learning tools and procedural and operational simulators.

Benefits & Add on

  • Simulation of the operational scenarios
  • Reduction in costs and risks
  • Possibility to monitor the training path of each participant

Life Cycle Management

Conception of the Ship’s In Service Support by means of the calculation of the support needs and of the related costs.

Benefits & Add on

  • Integrated vision, directed at the whole ship’s life cycle
  • Evaluation processes and systems
  • Dedicated engineering support

Integration: more than the sum of the parts


Physical and functional integration of the Fremm Programme frigates

Ref: Italian Navy


Full mission simulator installed inside MARINCENTADD base in the south of Italy (Taranto)

Ref.: Italian and Algerian Navy

Fielding Analisys

Identification of Naval Bases’ skills and infrastructural gaps; definition of adjustment plans in order to maintain the ship’s operational capability

Ref.: Italian Navy

Integrated Topside

OSN know-how provides advanced solutions for Integrated Topside to control interferences and maximize performance based upon an unique capability to resolve platform and combat system trade-offs.

FREMM Frigate Topside highlights:

  • > 150 topside items
  • > 50 transmitters from HF to K Band
  • > 1,500 EM Risks assessed

Engineering Tools

It is based on specific algorithms developed by OSN and it compares different types of ships’ In Service Support.
It is based on the simulation model called Montecarlo and it is the reference point for all phases of the ship’s life cycle.
Training Lab is characterized by operational and procedural simulators and by an e-learning Platform supporting all training activities.

The system is responsible for the realization of the automatic cables routing allowing a considerable reduction in time and costs.